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Each pair of MALTIM is carefully quality tested. However, we will replace any products with manufacturing defects or damages caused by the forwarder. You have 60 days from the date of reception to inform us of any defects.
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We only use sustainable and eco-responsible products such as bamboo and recycled wood. This makes each pair of sunglasses unique due to the natural wood texture.
All of our wooden sunglasses are equipped with optimal UV400 lenses protection, complying with the European directive (CE), filtering UV/UVA/UVB rays that are harmful to the organs of the eyes.
Unfortunatelly No. You can only put prescription lenses in our optical frame models thanks to a tiny screw below the bridge. We do not provide prescription lenses and we advise you to let a qualified optician handle the replacement.
You can refer to our article "How to choose the right sunglasses size?" to guide you through choosing the right size for your face type.
Polarized lenses reduce sun reflections from glaring surfaces such as car bodies and the road during driving, the snow while skiing, the sea and sand during holidays etc. They are convenient and safe and the color perception, reliefs and contrast are more faithful to reality.
All of our sunglasses are made of quality materials and treated to resist heat and water. Even better they actually float in water! However, keep in mind that they are made of real wood, which can be broken if misused.
Each pair of sunglasses is delivered with a bamboo case and a microfiber cloth. Make sure to protect them with those accessories when you’re not wearing them.

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