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How to Choose the Right Sunglasses Size?

How to Choose the Right Sunglasses Size?

First you need to be able to read the measurement information used by most sunglasses manufacturer. The standard measurement contains 3 units of measures:

    1. The lens width

      Also called the lens diameter, is the distance between the vertical limits of the lens.

        2. The bridge width

          This represents the distance between both ends of the nose pads.

            3. The temple length

              Also called the arm, represents the distance from the main frame in addition to the curved tip length that sits behind your hear.

              If you look inside a pair of sunglasses, such as in the below example, you will find these measurements in that order expressed in millimeters (mm).

              In this example we have the following:

              1. Lens width (diameter): 51 mm
              2. Lens bridge: 18 mm
              3. Lens temple (arm): 135 mm

              Keep in mind that the temple length is probably the lens important measurement. Most quality sunglasses nowadays have an average arm length between 135 mm and 145 mm. If you stay between these values you won't see much of a difference compared to the lens and most importantly the bridge width.

              How to find a glasses frame that fits my face?

                1. Compare with an existing pair of sunglasses

                  The easiest way is if you already have a pair of sunglasses that fits you well at home. Check inside for the measurements and then look for something that comes close to that. If your pair of sunglasses does not have written measurements, you can always use a simple ruler to determine its size.

                    2. Measure yourself

                      Look into a mirror and hold a ruler below your eyes. Calculate the distance between both ends of your temples. This will give you an idea of what frame width will best fit you.

                      To calculate the frame width of a sunglasses from the standard measurements use this simple formula:

                      2 x Lens Width + Bridge Width + 20 mm (average for the hinge extensions)

                        3. Choose according to your face shape

                          Everyone has it’s own face shape and sunglasses are manufactured in different sizes to accommodates these different face shapes. Wayfarer’s sunglasses are famous for fitting almost any face shapes. Most people fall into 4 categories of face shapes: Square, Heart, Round and Oval shape.

                          Square faces

                          This face type has a wide forehead, a strong jaw line and a long and wide cheekbones form. This type of shape is great for larger and oversize frame. Aviators, rounded and semi-rimless are fitting well this face type. Celebrities with this face shape include Olivia Wilde and Brad Pitt.




                          Heart faces

                          Heart shapes are the widest at the forehead and the narrowest at the jawlines. For this type of face choose frames that are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. Wayfarer, cat eyes and square frames will be a great fit. Celebrities with this face shape include Reese Witherspoon and Bradley Cooper.


                          Round faces

                          People with rounded face shape usually tend to have a wide forehead evenly matching their cheekbones width and a rounded jawline. The height of the face is shorter then other face types. Wayfarer, rectangular and oversized usually fit well. However, rimless frame are also a good option but avoid big rounded forms. Celebrities with this face shape include Mila Kunis and Chris Hemsworth.


                          Oval faces

                          Oval faces are usually longer then wider. Cheekbones are usually higher and the forehead is slightly larger then the jawline. If you fall in this category you’re lucky because most frame shapes will look good on you. You just have to keep proportions in mind so that the frame width won’t be too large or too small for your face. Celebrities with this face shape include Jessica Alba and Jude Law.




                          Found your face shape? Check out our collections to see what fits you best.

                          Still unsure? Don't hesitate to post a comment below and we'll help you out.

                          • January 02, 2015
                          • Maltim Eyewear
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